Happiness is a decision. So is indecision.

About The Show

Happy Boot Camp

A podcast on how to be happier

Where can you find joy? What’s the true measure of success? How can we manage anger? Discover meaning? Nurse grief? Understand your own happiness and explore ways to welcome more happiness into your daily life. Join DannyBunny for punchy inspirational wisdom bombs on how to live a good life. Increase your clarity, effectiveness and happiness. Boots optional.


Host / Happy Ambassador

Dan is a “cereal entrepreneur” who owns businesses in online publishing, interactive design and branding. He burned his 30s on building his business empire and spends his time at the intersection of creativity, commerce & happiness. These days, the multi-hyphenate is on a personal crusade to spread light and happiness. Happy Boot Camp is created to scratch an itch. See all the itches he’s scratching now.

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